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2017 Macbook Pro 13 I5 3.1ghz 16gb Ram 500gb Ssd Space Gray (a)

2017 Macbook Pro 13 I5 3.1ghz 16gb Ram 500gb Ssd Space Gray (a)

2017 Macbook Pro 13 I5 3.1ghz 16gb Ram 500gb Ssd Space Gray (a)   2017 Macbook Pro 13 I5 3.1ghz 16gb Ram 500gb Ssd Space Gray (a)

Macbook Pro 13 2017 - 3.1GHz i5 - 16gb ram - 500gb ssd - gray area (a). This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below an automatic translation in French. If you have questions please contact us. Macbook Pro 13 2017 - i5 3.1 GHz - 16 GB of RAM - 500GB SSD - cosmic gray (a).

Mac store uk is a leading independent provider of systems apple mac and ios. We specialized in providing the best apple from 2013. Our renovation process is unparalleled. Each machine is inspected, tested and refurbished by our certified technicians apple. Our testing procedure is extended using the most demanding testing system available.

Our renovation process includes, without limitation, the reapplication of thermal compounds to ensure the longevity of mac and cleaning dust from fans to stop overheating of the system. We buy our mac only from authorized sources and not used by the public. These processes give us the confidence to offer a first-rate guarantees.

All systems come with a one year warranty as standard and many of our systems come with a 3 year warranty option. Our warranty covers all parts and manpower. We will organize the collection of your mac and you back for free.

We take great care in packing your Mac and can guarantee that it will arrive with you safely. Unit sales at retail sealed by the manufacturer. A new element that has been modified by our trained technicians apple. All pieces are added to the same high quality apple and uses are new. Certified Refurbished apple - this article was the subject of the renovation program apple and comes with apple direct guarantee.

The packaging is still sealed by the manufacturer. Our renovation process is second order. Each article is subject to our rigorous process by our trained technicians apple. The renovation process is testing more than 30 aspects of the system, including replacement and key equipment upgrade system. Unless you specify for an older operating system, we still will install the latest version mac os system. A unit is generally considered \Please note that this does not mean that a machine will be delivered with an OEM package. A cosmetic condition grade has indicated that there may be very few and minor scratches or abrasions, if any. Although a grade machine is not perfect, you should not expect to find significant and visible cosmetic imperfections. For this quality cosmetic, cosmetic imperfections will be present and noticeable.

These flaws include scratches, scrapes and nicks. Minor bumps are possible, although this does not include the big bumps. The imperfections may appear more clearly on areas that are not as often seen (like the bottom of a laptop or desktop), but may be present on other areas of the machine.

The key may be slightly worn. A category b unit equivalent to a \This note is an \Cosmetic imperfections are visible and can be significant. This includes scratches, scratches, chipping and dents. A unit of category c work with, despite all the aesthetic problems.

Keys can be worn enough that the letters are not recognizable. The hinges or feet may be missing. Scratches and laminating problems may exist on the screen and the frame; liquid crystal display problems such as pressure marks or dead pixels are usually mentioned explicitly, although it is possible that liquid crystal display problems are present in one machine category c. Less than 10% of the LCD display may have defects.

We usually included on the list. Choice and advice on operating systems. We install the latest mac os supports available on our mac. If you need a different edition, please ask before buying. All accessories included with the product standard will be mentioned in the list.

If it is not mentioned in the list, the attachment will not be included with the article as standard. Please contact us for any additional accessories price.

British VAT at 20% inc. We are registered to VAT in the UK. If you are outside the eu, please contact us before buying and UK VAT will be removed from your purchase price. We take great care of all our systems and strongly believe in their quality and reliability.

As such, we offer a one year warranty with all our items. In the unlikely event that you encounter a problem with your system, we will do our best to diagnose and repair your system remotely using our remote access software. If we are not able to diagnose and fix your problem remotely once we receive your item, we will repair your item as soon as possible. If your item is not repairable, we will replace it for you with the same model or if unavailable, the next model. We take great care to send you your new purchase of the safest and fastest possible.

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Macbook Pro 13 2017 - i5 3.1 GHz - 16 GB of RAM - 500GB SSD - cosmic gray (a) blind mac uk is a leading independent provider of systems and apple mac ios. Scoring Guide new unit sales at retail sealed by the manufacturer.

New modified a new element that has been modified by our trained technicians apple. Acr grade class has b grade c choices and advice on operating systems. The item \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: america, europe, asia, australia.

  1. cpu cores: Dual <\/ li>
  2. Color: Gray spatial <\/ li>
  3. Model: macbook pro <\/ li>
  4. Release year: 2017 <\/ li>
  5. Processor speed: 3.1GHz i5 <\/ li>
  6. Screen resolution: retina <\/ li>
  7. Features: QWERTY - us <\/ li>
  8. Grade: refurbished grade b <\/ li>
  9. SSD capacity: 500 gb <\/ li>
  10. manufacturer part number: mpxv2ll / a <\/ li>
  11. brand: apple <\/ li>
  12. Accessories included: charger <\/ li>
  13. Screen size: 33cm <\/ li>
  14. Type: Notebook <\/ li>
  15. RAM size: 16GB <\/ li>
  16. Processor: 3.1GHz i5 <\/ li>
  17. ean: not applicable <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    2017 Macbook Pro 13 I5 3.1ghz 16gb Ram 500gb Ssd Space Gray (a)   2017 Macbook Pro 13 I5 3.1ghz 16gb Ram 500gb Ssd Space Gray (a)